Executive Team Biographies

Martha Barrios, Chief Executive Officer
Martha is a lifelong resident of East Los Angeles and has made significant contributions to her community in the areas of education, health and community development. After spending 20 years as a key member of prominent community based corporations, she began her own venture in the area of educational material development. After recognizing a need for products that transmit cultural values to children as well as teach Spanish, she recruited her family to apply their various talents to that end. Martha is a member of the Los Angeles chapter of the Latin Business Association, the Southern California Toy Association, Southern California Minority Business Development Council and the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. She is a member of the Friends of the East Los Angeles County Public Library.

Christopher Barrios de León, Executive Vice President & Creative Director
Christopher leads the Frijolitos' team’s creative effort. His keen eye for detail and design has guided the company’s products and identity. From our online presence to the shape of Albóndiga’s ears, Christopher’s exemplary style is evident in everything the company does.

From a young age, Christopher was fascinated by folk tales from Mexico and Latin America that his grandmother would tell him. He received a traditional Catholic education, supplemented by classes in drawing and painting at the East Los Angeles School of Arts, and graduated from Loyola High School, which is run by the Jesuit order. It was here that he developed the need to contribute to his community and a sense of the importance of positive role models for the children of immigrants. Christopher went on to study at the University of California at Berkeley, where he earned a degree in art history.

Teresa Barrios Hernandez, Vice President, Sales
Teresa is the force that drives sales at Frijolitos, Inc. A seasoned account executive, Teresa has ten years of experience working in the fine jewelry industry, during which she cultivated relationships with major American retailers. She has a well-developed sense for pricing merchandise and knowing what sells.

A graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara, Teresa would spend her college summers back home, either to work as an intern with the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund or to participate in local fundraisers. She has also spent much of her free time performing volunteer work, namely as an ESL teacher for students seeking citizenship.

Joseph R. Hernandez, Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer
As CFO, Joseph R. Hernandez manages the company’s financial programs, capital planning, accounting operations, and reporting. He has also developed and implemented the company’s business plan.

An engineer by training, Joseph worked for the Aerospace Corporation in El Segundo before working for a construction management firm. He moved on to a city public transportation agency, managing its small business program office. He has worked in the small business community for more than ten years.

Joseph received a bachelors’ degree in aerospace engineering from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1991.


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