Mission Statement


The mission of Frijolitos is to become the leading producer of Latino themed educational and toy products designed to celebrate the traditions, folklore, and culture of the people of Latin America. This desire is expressed in our slogan, ¡Viva la Cultura!…Long Live Latino Culture!


Frijolitos is on the move to become the premier provider of Latino themed education and toy products. Established in 2002, Frijolitos was the fulfillment of a lifelong ambition by Martha Barrios, President, to provide future generations of Latinos with a product that celebrates its heritage, language and pride in ethnicity. Conceived as a tool to meet the needs of the growing Latino population, the family-owned Latino Toy and Artesanias Compania began in a conversation between Martha Barrios and son, Christopher Barrios, about the need for culturally sensitive Latino toys and educational materials.


Frijolitos is committed to providing Latino themed toys and educational products that provide culturally relevant character-building lessons that bring families closer together. All of these elements come together through the telling of stories, myths and legends rooted in Latin American cultures. Much like a grandfather tells his grandson the same tales he grew up hearing, children and their parents can turn to the Frijolitos' line of books to re-establish connections to their ancestral culture while they deepen the connection between each other.


Frijolitos is unique in that it is the only company that specializes exclusively in providing culturally relevant Latino themed educational and toy products. The most recent research into teaching methods demonstrates that educators who use culturally relevant materials in their instruction are more effective than those who do not. In turn, students of varying races, ethnicities and cultures have a more positive learning experience, are better students and have increased graduation rates. Frijolitos' books are imbued with cultural relevancy that explain folktales, cultures and traditions of the Latino world. This enables educators and parents to construct practices that have relevancy and meaning to students of different social and cultural realities.

Executive Team

Frijolitos, Inc. is the collaborative effort of writers, artists, and educators who were brought together by a common vision. We strive to share the traditions, folklore, and history of Latin America through a fantastic world inhabited by charming and fun-loving Frijolitos' characters. Meet the Team>>

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